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- Trapezoid Man

CD-R / 60 copies / Duration: 37 mins
ARK006 Release date: 03.25.10

Comes in a hand painted, DVD-sized cardboard case with paste-on art including four hand cut, pro-printed trapezoid cards, a 70's cooking card with handwritten haiku poetry and a text inlay printed on recycled paper.

Denmark's Christian Kann is truely a man of many faces and personalities. A man with an impressive count of alter ego's and releases both in playing music and as the founder of various highly respected DIY labels in Copenhagen. It's no surprise that Trapezoid Man is just as colorful as the creator and embraces a wide range of minimalistic lo-fi landscapes and surreal sound patterns. You wanna get this one!


"This stand-out album from Denmark’s Inhibitionists reminds me of why I got into experimental music in the first place. I remember hearing some of my first non-music. I thought, Man, this just sounds like what I hear as I walk around town. But there was something different about it than the everyday sounds that I encounter. What made it different was that this was captured and put on tape, a format that demanded to be listened to the way any other album is heard. Usually when I walk around I take everyday noises and accidental aural encounters for granted and drown them out with my thoughts or whatever. But listening to experimental music has taught me to listen, I mean really listen. I now hear things in my surroundings as I go through my day completely different. I appreciate all that is audible around me and it makes my whole life richer. It really nails that whole art imitates life/life imitates art tension. You take everyday stuff and put it on tape and Boom! You’ve got yourself a release to listen to over and over again. But then, you take that same tape with you in your head and you’ll hear it around you without a tape deck. Trapezoid Man no doubt teaches me to listen all over again. I hear this album as I go through my day and interact with the various heard atmospheres and ambiances. And then my experience sends me back to this album. Who would’ve thought that this kind of stuff would be so educational? If you really want to learn how to open up your senses and enrich your whole life then here’s a great opportunity waiting for you. Otherwise, it’s just a pretty great experimental release. It’s lo-fi minimalism at its best. It even comes with the usual Ark Tarp treatment that is worth the money alone, with a hand-painted DVD size case with abstract expressionist paste-on art that houses four hand cut, pro-printed trapezoid cards, a 70′s cooking card with handwritten haiku poetry and a text inlay printed on recycled paper. It’s all tied together with yarn and offers the best in DIY CD packaging. Limited to 60. Listen, learn, and live. Live, learn, and listen. 8/10"
- Foxy Digitalis 2011