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Bjørn Puggaard
- Peace, Love & Pharmacy

2 x 3" CD-R box / 50 copies / Duration: 41 mins
ARK002 Release date: 08.21.09



Comes in a hand painted jewellery box with paste-on art including a hand sewn CD pouch, a hand cut booklet and a small colored stone.

The bear has awoken from its lair. After several years of circuit bending kids’ toys into monstrous clusterfuck machines of mass destruction, Bjørn Puggaard delivers a lurid, metamorphic debut album, as if seeing the world through a kaleidoscope. With a density rarely heard of, this lone sound alchemist pulls in deserted planets and turns them into water and weird healing stones. A fourty one minute rumble of magnetic-brainsplat-drone-fuck, you can’t escape from.


"A standing ovation is given to Ark Tarp for their ingenuity and craftsmanship in putting together a nice little bundle here. A small black jewelry box houses a cloth pouch and magic crystal. Also, tucked away is a nice booklet and two 3” CDRs. All of this with a black and white of a mushroom cloud pasted on the box top, which leads me to the sounds contained therein…

This is an all-out brain f***! Twisted electronics. Harsh textures. Spastic frequencies. The art doesn’t lie, this debut is a bomb going off in your ears and your mind absorbs the impact. Bjørn Puggaard’s shrapnel-like noise embeds itself in your psyche and tears slowly into your mental lobes. You are left fried and limping after the hazardous aural assault. You’re left with radioactive jelly between your two ears. Most of the tracks are quick projections of fuzz and other transmitted hums. Almost like a motion picture with flashing images of racket. Blown circuits and wire madness. Like playing broken video games or flipping the channels in some whacked out universe. Super experimental. You’re lucky to get out alive. See what all the buzz is about, literally. 8/10"

- Foxy Digitalis 2010