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Mette Mareridt
- Parkliv

3 x 3" CD-R box / 50 copies / Duration: 52,5 mins
ARK001 Release date: 08.21.09



Comes in a hand painted jewellery box with paste-on art including a handmade 12 page photo book with CD pockets plus handmade plastic animals, a handmade mini kite and an envelope with flower seeds.

Copenhagen based all-girl improv unit Mette Mareridt seeks new terrortories and digs deeper towards the core of their destinct lo-fi, acid drenched noise-o-rama. Parkliv schizophrenically presents three cdr’s revealing three different personalities of the twisted hydra Mette Mareridt has grown to be. Rhythmic, stoned, and at times blasting drums, penetrating freakout riffs and hypnotic keyboard drones; this shit will have you simultaneously banging your head and crawling around like a space monkey.


"A couple of years after the debut release and a few live performances later, Danish improv group Mette Mareridt has decided to pop its head out of the Copenhagen underground and release a beautiful and very ambitious triple-disc 3” CD box set. When I say beautiful, I’m talking about the decorative, homemade and incredibly detailed artwork that the Ark Tarp label has put together in 50 copies.

The music itself is at times raunchy, but on each song, the musicians seem to share a common idea on where the mood should be heading. Mette Mareridt plays neither harsh noise, lo-fi pop, nor soothing drone, but an interesting mix, occasionally even adding some bass and percussion making it somewhat catchy, but never predictable. The whole thing works extremely well. In fact, the greatest quality of these improvisations is the unpredictability of the instruments and the labyrinthine, almost disturbing complexity of the 14 songs.

Amidst all the highbrowed artists involved with this unclassifiable genre, Mette Mareridt is a breath of fresh air, neither lacking musical intricacy nor humor when playing music (and naming songs) and as far as putting Denmark on the independent label map, Ark Tarp does a great job with this debut release. 8/10"

- Foxy Digitalis 2009